Our Wish List

The Ministry needs some of the following items below (We currently borrow equipment and other items from other churches)

15 Seater Van

Camp Joy Belize is in need of a transport vehicle. For Camps and other events during the year. We have to borrow or rent a van or a bus from local churches.

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Poncho's / Rain gear

Camp Joy Belize needs some rain gear that we can use during the rainy season. During our summer camp it usually rains, thus we kindly ask for some rain gear.

<<View Our Dream Rain Gear Here>>

P.A. System

Camp Joy Belize needs a Portable P.A. System, that can be utilized during camps, and other events we have throughout the year.

<<View Our Dream P.A System Here>>

Paper Embosser

Camp Joy Belize would like to invest in a Gold Stamp Sealer, that can be used for our certificates and other awards.Please Note: The machine has to be custom order with our embossed logo on it. Please let us know if you would like to purchase one for Camp Joy Belize.

<<View Our Dream Embosser Here>>


Camp Joy Belize needs a phone. That can be used on a day to day basis. The phone will also be used for pictures, social media management and as a music storage device.

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Camp Joy Belize needs a projector that will be used at camps, movie nights, presentations, staff training and more. We currently do not have projector of our own.

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15 Lasko Fans

Camp Joy Belize needs 15 Lasko fans that will be used during our summer camps and other events throughout the year.

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Mattress Protectors

Camp Joy Belize needs 30 Mattress protectors that will be used during our summer camps and other events throughout the year.

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