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What is the Job Program about?

Many special needs individuals in Belize are unable to obtain employment. Camp Joy Belize Ministries is proud to announce its JOY Employability Program, that will allow individuals with special needs the opportunity to be employed under the mentoring of a job coach. The purpose of this program is to train and support individuals with special needs with the intention that in the future the job coach can transition out of the workplace and allow the employee to work on their own.

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What is a Job Coach?

Job coaching refers to the training of an employee by an approved specialist. They use structured intervention techniques to help the employee learn to perform job tasks to the employer’s specifications and to learn the interpersonal skills necessary to be accepted as a worker on the job site and in the community. In addition to job-site training, job coaching includes related assessment, job development, counseling, advocacy, travel training and other services needed to maintain the employment.

What is the role of a Job Coach

• Assist the employee with a disability to learn their new job, and facilitate their inclusion into the work environment.

• Support the employee to become an independent, competent & confident part of their new workplace.

• Support coworkers and supervisors to feel confident to support their new employee or coworker.

A Job Coach doesn’t…

• Fill in on the job if the employee can’t  make it to work.
• Act as a coworker alongside the new  employee.
• Ensure that the production quota is met  for the employer.

Benefits of Job Coach

Through job coaching, a qualified individual (job coach) works directly with an individual with a disability in a training or placement site to help him/her learn the specific requirements of the job; learn work-related activities and requirements such as time and attendance rules; and learn appropriate work-related (including social) behaviors when dealing with supervisors and co-workers.

Benefits of Hiring persons with Special Needs

• People with disabilities make reliable employees and have an overall higher job retention rate.
Studies have shown that people with disabilities take less sick days and are more likely to be long-term employees than non-disabled workers.
• People with disabilities will increase diversity in your workplace.
Workers with and without disabilities benefit equally from a diverse work environment.  Working alongside a special needs person empowers those individuals who are not disabled to be more aware of how to be inclusive in the workplace and community.
• People with disabilities are as capable as anyone else!
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