Experience Volunteering

What to Expect

Camp Joy Belize is one of the most fulfilling experiences one could ever have. As a volunteer, you will be required to fill in an application form (Link Below). The application will give us more of an idea of who you are and how we can match to a specific duty at Camp Joy Belize.  You can volunteer as a Counsellor or a Staff Member. Our annual camp starts on the first week of July

Serve as a Counsellor

What to expect

As a counsellor you will be paired with what we call “Special Friend”. This special friend will require your undivided attention 24-hours a day during our camp period. As a counsellor you will be required to give all your time and attention to your special friend. The purpose of our camp week is to pour out and reveal the love of Jesus Christ.

Serve as a Staff Member

What to expect

As a staff member you will be required to carry out your duties, and ensure that your responsibilities are executed everyday. Staff roles include: Nurse, Teachers, Service Crews, Cooks, and Technical Staff.

Please note: in order for you to volunteer you have to be atleast 15 years old. If you are younger and think you are still capable of being a volunteer, please contact us.

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Please fill in the application form to apply for Camp Joy Belize 2019

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